Tech Responsible Solutions for Small Businesses in 2017

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Buffalo Tech Consulting is a new technology company in Buffalo NY specializing in website and web application management for businesses.

Founder and local software developer Andy Szeliga aims to help businesses make smart technology decisions. Whether it’s developing new websites and web applications or supporting existing platforms, Buffalo Tech Consulting prides itself on an exemplary record of tech advocacy on behalf on its clients.

Andy is an experienced software developer specializing in C# ASP.NET Web Applications, Project Management, Web Development and Data Operations for businesses.

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Goal-Oriented Technology Services

Small businesses drive our economy, and each is unique. Buffalo Tech Consulting always considers your business goals with tech responsibility in mind.

Services often suggested as solutions to clients include:

What is Tech Responsible?

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Technology is always evolving and has a persistent effect on our economy. ‘Tech Responsible’ business owners understand that technology isn’t going away. Adopting technology within your business operations in a smart, efficient manner is the most responsible thing a business owner can do in a 2017 economy.

For example, small business owners could become ‘Tech Responsible’ by learning how their website actually works, what its goals are and what motivates customers online. ‘Tech Responsible’ business owners understand that their website isn’t just “an internet presence”, its a strategic marketing tool designed to create demand and service customers.

That’s where Buffalo Tech Consulting shines and the 10+ years experience of founder Andy Szeliga comes into play. ┬áBy helping small business owners become ‘Tech Responsible’, the local business community becomes stronger, connected, more tech savvy and better at servicing customers in 2017.

Buffalo Tech Consulting now offers Website Management Subscriptions for Small Business that pair website management with technology education resources customized for your business goals.

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